Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Not so GOOD

Well No one is perfect, ESPECIALLY ME! But I am going to be HONEST! I gained 4 pounds this last MONTH. I hate the scale, no really I HATE THE SCALE! It is just a bunch of random numbers. My measurements went down, my body fat went down and my lean muscle went up. But that DANG scale....it doesn't like me. But guess what......I DON'T CARE! I am tired of it controlling my life, my moods and emotions. As long as I am feeling good, working out, and being healthy I don't care what I weigh!! Today my goal is this.........

Fitness quotes

Don't beat yourself UP! It's okay to make mistakes, if you have one day of crappy eating start over! You can do this, you deserve it!!! Just remember the journey you have taken to get here. I am not perfect, I am not at my goal BUT i try HARD everyday to be a little bit better. When I think I can't move forward anymore, I think of me a year ago and 72 pounds heavier. 
Love you All-


  1. I agree that scale is an enemy but inches are better and everyday you have to tell yourself that, I know I do.