Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Not so GOOD

Well No one is perfect, ESPECIALLY ME! But I am going to be HONEST! I gained 4 pounds this last MONTH. I hate the scale, no really I HATE THE SCALE! It is just a bunch of random numbers. My measurements went down, my body fat went down and my lean muscle went up. But that DANG scale....it doesn't like me. But guess what......I DON'T CARE! I am tired of it controlling my life, my moods and emotions. As long as I am feeling good, working out, and being healthy I don't care what I weigh!! Today my goal is this.........

Fitness quotes

Don't beat yourself UP! It's okay to make mistakes, if you have one day of crappy eating start over! You can do this, you deserve it!!! Just remember the journey you have taken to get here. I am not perfect, I am not at my goal BUT i try HARD everyday to be a little bit better. When I think I can't move forward anymore, I think of me a year ago and 72 pounds heavier. 
Love you All-

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Must Haves....Part 2

#4   I have to be honest, when I 1st started this journey I wouldn' t have said this is a must have. But I can't live without this. It's called Slim and Sassy from doTerra. Its a oil or protein mix that helps your metabolism. I can tell a world of difference. My mid day snacking crave is under control with this!  Also I am working a perfect recipe of a body wrap (more to come later)

#5  Pre-Workout drink......I have tried a few different ones. It's a drink I mix up about 30 minutes before my workout. It takes my workouts to a whole new level!!!! It really helps-   
#6  Lemons......I know weird right! Did you know that lemon juice breaks up fat cells? WOW...i have a LOT of those to get rid of. Add lemon to your water as much as you can!!!

Hopefully you will try one of my favorite things and it will be one of yours! Until next time!!!

Home Workout

My Hubby was sweet enough to take the kids to school for me this morning but he forgot to leave me the keys. So my workout was at home this morning. It kicked my BUTT, sometimes we are stuck at home, have sick kids etc. That CAN'T be an excuse to not to work out! So try this next you can't make it to a gym.

quick home workout.  I am going to try this on Friday.  It is great to have workouts you can do at home- you can save $$ on the gym!
Good Luck! You deserve to feel good!!!

Monday, January 28, 2013

Must Haves.......Part 1

On my journey to a healthier me I have made ALOT of changes. Some seem SO small but yet have made such a HUGE impact. Today I would like to share with you a 3 things (there will be more) I can NOT live without. If you would have told me this a year ago, I would LAUGH.
#1 Chobani Yogurt PLAIN NON-FAT.

I know what your thinking......GROSS!! I have never really been a big yogurt eater.....honestly it's not my favorite. I have learned to like it. Sometimes I by the small little containers (when they are on sale) but most the time I buy the larger ones. I flavor it one my own, I add fruit to it a little bite of honey (my favorite). If you are trying to increase your protein intake add a half a scoop to this. SO YUMMY!!! Also I don't buy sour cream any more we use this instead. My kids haven't even said anything about it.
#2 SHOES........
I have always been one who just buys shoes. It never really mattered to me. When I started exercising my feet would hurt. They were tired, and achy. i thought it was just because I was overweight, I am sure that was part of the reason. Finally I broke down and bought new shoes. They weren't cheap, 
you can buy them at a good deal if you buy past season or on sale. I can't believe how AMAZING my feet felt!!!!
Go somewhere that will help you pick a right shoe for you. I love Fleet Feet in American Fork.
Fleet Feet American Fork
They have a policy of 100% guarantee. They measure your feet, your arch so you different ways to lace them. (I have wide feet, lacing makes a world of difference.) Just remember YOU DESERVE THIS! I promise you won't be SORRY!!!
#3 Socks......Yep I said SOCKS!
I like the balega brand but I am sure there are others out there that are amazing too!  Again I got to Fleet Feet to get them. They are soft, and support my foot as I am running and doing other heavy cardio. 
Well I have lot's more.....but they will have to wait for another day! Please feel free to share what you LOVE!
Have a Happy and Healthy DAY!

Saturday, January 26, 2013

I am BACK!

It's been ALONG time, in fact too long! Life is great.....my journey to being healthier (and skinnier) is still ONE! December pretty well was a JOKE but I am recommitted and ready to become the new me. When the Slim to Win contest ended in August I was down 58 pounds.Today I am down 70 pounds from the time I started the contest in February of 2012. I feel GREAT! I have more to come but it's a GREAT start. I was going to do the Slim to Win contest again, but decided not too. Today I joined a NEW contest. It's through doTerra. I am nervous and scared but it keeps me going. (you can check it out here http://www.iamslimandsassy.com/contestants.php) I still look in the mirror and see the old me.....but I will let you be the judge of that.

This was me LAST January

And me TODAY

I know there will be MORE to COME! Have a Happy and Healthy Week!!

Friday, May 18, 2012

Sometimes in life when we try to become "HEALTHIER" we measure it by what our outsides look like, when really it starts within......

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Moving Strong

What a great few weeks! So last week we were handed out these bingo cards. Each square needed to be filled out (so black out). You had to go to one of the classes that is offered at the legacy center and then the teacher initials that square. The trick is that you don't get to pick what classes you go to, I mean there is different teachers and times but the style is the same. Turbo Kick, cycling, pump, muscle mix, yoga etc.  There are 20 squares.....my goal was to finish it in 7 days! So I could be the winner at this, WOW!!! That was a ROUGH goal (at the time I didn't realize I couldn't do that because of the time the classes are offered). I did 4 days of 3 classes a day-I was exhausted!!! The bad thing was I didn't lose ANY WEIGHT!!! Not 1 pound. So my amazing trainer Tiffany, advised that I took Saturday and Sunday off from my normal workout routine. I have learned two things from this.......Sleep is needed to have a successful weight loss and that classes are fun. I have enjoyed some of the classes before, but this bingo card has pushed me to do new classes. Cycling is a great work out, but my tush is always sore!! They should make plus size seats. Ha ha ha, but I feel GREAT after it!!
The scale has been good to me....I am not going to lie BUT i am not saying any numbers until I weigh in. The most important thing is how great I feel!! Eating healthier, and working out has given me a whole new life! I am able to keep up with my kids. We are enjoying new recipes, doing activities together that I would never do before, and I am more focused on them.  I have alot more to say but the duties of Motherhood is calling me!!!!
Until next time- Liz

PS pictures to come SOON!